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To know Devilslayer, is to love Devilslayer, and to love Devilslayer is to hand over all your gold and/or run away. He was one of my first D&D characters, and he was basicly my dark side to my light side. Together they form the duck tape that is the force of my being.

As time passed, he got too powerful, and was retired. I revived him on LPSWAT MUD, who "wizzed" and ascended to the ranks of the realm programmers. Unfortunately the head wiz rewrote & broke the game driver, and LPSWAT faded into obscurity. Anyhow, the nickname stuck in some form or another - Slayer, Duck Slayer, Dragon Slayer, and my favorite, Bobo Slayer (dont ask).

About this time, I became interested in computer graphics, and have done some cool things. I have a nice rendering toolkit that I tinker with - Pixcon/Anitroll/Gamegine, and have had the opportunity to work w/ other systems - DirectX, OpenGL, and a few other proprietary game systems.

A while back, I did a couple of animation shorts. "Metal & Bone" is a classic bash and smash - transforming robots vs zombie demons. "Run" was a loop-a-loop through an underground cavern that was shader driven - no polygons or texture maps - just pixel shaders. "Run" was used in a past Siggraph "Natural Phenomena" course to demonstrate "quasi-analytical procedural raycasting" also known as the "Slartibartfast Raycasting" (blame Ken Musgrave for "borrowing" the name from Douglas Adams. I've learned alot since then, tinkering with the toolkit over time, and hope to redo the animation shorts someday. Update: I wrote that part 15 years ago, and other than a proof of concept, "someday" is still very far off.

I've spent some time developing artistic skills - B&W photography, painting, sketching, and digital art to balance my graphics studies, and some of my photographs have been displayed in art shows.

I like to sail, snorkle, work in the darkroom, and have ferrets around the house to remind me to lighten up when I get too serious.

I am currently working for Buzz Monkey Software on various video games for the PSP, PS2, PS3, and Wii.

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