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Welcome to my digital gallery. Below are some of the images I've created while tinkering with the Pixcon renderer.

"Kirk on a Rampage". This image shows off my cloud shader, based on a greyshade fBm shader.

"Kirk in a Box". This image displays one of my first attempts at creating a plywood shader.

"Gemworld & Aquatica". This image was generated with two variations of my planet shaders. The planet shaders are based on an fBm algorithm, which is used to calculate cloud densities, land masses, water, star fields, etc.

"New Improved Barfland". This image uses a height field to generate over 10,000 patch surfaces, which is decomposed into a half million polygons.

"Neverready Batteries, They keep dying, and dying, and dying..." This is an early example of a software double z-buffer shadow map, which uses a multiple rendering pass method to generate lighting and shadows - first pass from the lighting perspective, then a second pass from the camera perspective.

"X-Wing Cadet's First Underground Dogfight". This is a shot from a clip that was shown used in Siggraph '95's Natural Phenomena Course, during one of Ken Musgrave's lectures. It was originally intended to be a Tie-Fighter/X-Wing dogfight animated short in an underground cavern, but I never got the time to finish it (and Lucas would have probably sued my pants off).

"Metal & Bone II -> The Resurrection". An eternity ago, I did an animation short called Metal & Bone. A quaint love story in which an undead demon skeleton creature loved to beat on transforming robots. This short is almost directly responsible for the initial development of the Pixcon renderer & Anitroll animation System. It generated over 4500 frames, on a 100MHz 8 processor SGI Onyx (how far we have progressed). This shot shows the revamped environment for a "reboot" of the short.

"Trust me Chewie, We'll Loose Them In the Canyon". This was my first attempt at using a bluescreen background for an animation w/ Pixcon. Using a pre-rendered background increased the rendering speed by a factor of 6k%.

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