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Links of Interest

Graphics & Animation Links

homepage for OpenGL
a good source for Linux apps & source code
  • MesaGL - a freeware implementation of the OpenGL specification.
  • Programmer's Heaven a comprehensive list of useful programming links
  • Explosion Graphics Generator a simple scripting system for designing complex particle systems
  • Rocktools tools for creating geometry data for rocks, boulders, asteriods, etc
  • NASA's Planetary Map page good source for celestial body texture maps
  • Bjorn's Planetary Map page another source for celestial body texture maps
  • Free Font good source for bitmap fonts

  • Bands Worth Checking Out

    LauraLea and Tripp Fabulous - award winning cover & originals rock band, hailing out of Philadelphia
    Niki Barr - Joan Jett, Crissie Hynde, and Janis Joplin in a pulse pounding, heart thumpin rocker from Denton, MD
    Viki Nova - the next up and coming rock and roll artist whirlwind from DC
    JuniperLane - a mesmerizing originals band from Arlington, Va

    Good Ways To Waste Time

    Glory, fame, martinis, and a kingdom to save.
    And did I mention that most women don't wear shirts?

    Plot, scheme, and backstab your way to rule the galaxy!

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