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Museum of Ancient History

Below are some of the images that were generated by previous prototypes of Pixcon. Each image is "found" art that contains interesting artifacts of code-in-progress, and can no longer be replicated.

"Carribean Blue". This was created when I was debugging my terrain shader (somewhere a sign was reversed so all the land was under water)

"Barf City". This was one of my first attempts to use the SlartiBartfast raycreeper on the Barfland height field algorithm. I rounded off the input to the nearest integer, which resulted in this.

"Ancient Smiley". Early SGI computers emulated 32bit color w/ a hi-color palette for each window, and there was a delay in swapping the palette that could be captured. Using this technique on "Kirk in a Box" produced this psychadelic image. If you stare at it long enough, it'll smile back at you...

"Darkshires". The color palette technique was applied to my "Waterlogged" moon, and produced it's evil twin... Definitely not a place to visit.

"Purgatory". Alright... enough images using the color palette trick... Lets go on to other screwups :)

"Plutonium 238". This is perhaps the best metal texture I have ever created and it was a fluke generated while debugging some code! Oh well...

"Dimensional Ripple". This was produced by perturbing the Slartibartfast raycreep increment.

"Blueland". This was rendered w/ a weird blue hue - looks great, but no idea what I did.

"Pandora". This is the source image for "Darkshires". This is the image that started my work on the Pixcon Render. I had to use the BMRT raytracer for a class on Natural Phenomena, and it took forever to generate this image, which consists of two spheres w/ a material shader, a camera and one light source. I had a collection of homework assignments that could do the job in seconds, so I cobbled them together for the first version of Pixcon. Needless to say, since I dont use BMRT (if it still is around), I cant duplicate this image (different embedded noise functions)

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